The Naked Creative Show Podcast

Ep 5: Nat Harris does standup

Nat Harris, Melbourne stand up comedy, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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My guest is Natalie Harris, a stand up comedian who has been making a name for herself on the Melbourne comedy scene.

For her comedy wasn’t a latent discovery - she has long thought it was “the only thing she was good at” - but the decision to act on that impulse to follow her creative pursuits has only come about towards the end of her twenties - and only now, a few years in, is she discovering her voice. 

Nat is one of a handful of people in the world that makes me literally LOL whenever I am in her presence. We first got to really know each other while working behind the scenes on the ABC TV series Twentysomething around the time she was beginning to make inroads into stand-up.

An ongoing theme - one that seems to have popped with my last couple of guests - is the discovery of passions either later than they expected or while in the pursuit of something else entirely. For Nat, it was as if she always knew this is what she wanted to be doing, but she was just waiting for… permission, a sign, for it to seem like she was allowed to step into the ring and attempt it. Due to changing like circumstances, her attitude shifted towards one of “why not” - well, those weren’t exactly he words - and lucky for us now she is well and truly on a path of discovery.