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Ep 13: Salvador Darling on How to Create a Nightclub Movement

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Katie 'Monty' Dimond - how to build a brand your way

DJ and artist an club auteur Levi Cross - also known by the club moniker Salvador Darling - is riding a wave of Melbourne nightlife renaissance. 

In a time when Sydney and Brisbane struggle to find their dancing feet amidst increasing government restriction, Melbourne’s nightlife is ever-diversifying, ever expanding.

Levi has been a part of the Melbourne night-life scene for over ten years - since he was 16. In previous of this podcast episodes I have spoken to creatives whose canvas was the photograph, the TV series, the mantle-piece or the workshop. This week I speak to someone who’s platform is the dancefloor. A place very near and dar to my heart. 

For those that have little tolerance to Melbournians talking about how great Melbourne is, this podcast is not for you. You have been warned. For those that are mutually sympathetic: come on in, and enjoy my chat with Levi Cross AKA Salvador Darling.

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'The 90s Is Now' - Sound Inspiration:

Future Fashions on the Field - Beaut Club:

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