The Naked Creative Show Podcast

Ep 5: Lachy Rose Makes Music

Lachy Rose from Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird

Lachy Rose is the singer/songwriter and core member of the band which has been feted by Triple J  and currently playing shows around Melbourne. 

Lachy is someone who I love to get together with to talk about creative process.

He is a master of observing and fostering his artistry and it’s evident in his music: which is rich, varied and textured and wise beyond it’s years.

It was conversations like the ones I would have with him that made me want to start this podcast in the first place - where I would think: people could benefit from hearing us talk like this: about what we are inspired by or consuming, how our work flow has been affected by different influences - it’s the first thing I want to talk about when I get together with most of my friends -  so it is my absolute pleasure to sit down and make it offical with Lachy Rose, who is truly a Naked Creative.

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