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Ep 7: Kupono dances for Madonna

Kupono Madonna Rebel Heart Tour

Kupono is a dancer for Madonna. I know.

He has performed with through two world tours, three major music videos and her monumental SuperBowl performance of 2012, which is where it all began for his working relationship with one of the world’s longest standing, most successful pop stars.

Kupono - or Pono for short – has finally landed back home in Hawaii after 15 months on the road with Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour, in which he performed over 80 shows in over 25 countries.

I was interested in what it was like to be in the coveted roll of ‘back up dancer’ for an international popstar – since for so many it is a ‘dream job’ - and what it was about his process that he believes got him there.

There is so much legacy surrounding the Madonna world, I just wanted to know what it was like for him to be working so closely with someone who so many people – myself included – admire so greatly.

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