The Naked Creative Show Podcast

Ep 8: Emeli Paulo Creates Social Change

Emeli Paulo, Collective Potential

Emeli Paulo is a creative, but in different way to anyone else I’ve spoken to for The Naked Creative so far. She is the founder of Collective Potential – a social enterprise intent on creating change for individuals - and the world. Emily Paulo uses creativity as a tool to facilitate expression, exploration and breakthrough.

This podcast was recorded before she launched the wildly successful ‘Collective Potential Podcast’, which has topped iTunes charts and not only shared the ideas of many dynamic disrupters within the personal development, wellness and spirituality fields, but also  given Emeli a platform to boldly shareso much of herself. In a recent podcast she broadcast a late night admission of grief that she had recorded while questioning her own self worth while home alone on a Saturday night.

Like the name of one of her workshops suggests, she is Raw. She is bold and brave and unapologetically real - and in her workshops she creates a space for others to do the same. In a lot of ways, she is the reason I am here talking to you now, it was her ’30 days of real’ podcast challenge that threw down the gauntlet for me to do the same. That led me to my daily midday video blog which in turn led me to formalise my exploration of creativity through this very channel.

It seemed only right then, to examine the process and practice of Emeli Paulo.